Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Coming Revolution Book Review

Dr. Richard Lee issues a clarion call to the citizens of this great country, the call is loud and clear it’s time to wake up, stand up, and speak up.  Dr. Lee parallels history with our current political, social, economic climate.  He uses past success and failures to script a plan of action for us today.  It has been stated before that if we don’t learn from history, then history will repeat itself.

I personally found this book to be eye opening, encouraging, and inspiring.  The author looks into recent movements such as the Tea Party and Occupy Movement, which gives readers insight into the true purpose and motives of both movements.  The reality is the main stream media has played a tremendous role in shaping the opinions and ideas of the American people as it relates to politics, in particular this current political climate.  As we stand on the brink of a critical election year, this book is not only extremely important but essential in setting inaccurate reporting straight and opening the eyes of the American voters as they compare and contrast presidential candidates. 

Historically, the great awakening is the moment in history when the American people awoke from their sleep and mobilized for freedom and liberty.  Dr. Lee suggests the same thing is happening with the tea party movement we see today.  “We the people” are awakening from our slumber and standing up for freedom.  The freedom with seek isn’t just for us, but it’s for our children and our great grandchildren.  While there are some who are ashamed of the success of our country, I’m not.  I realize that God has set this land as a beacon of  light for the entire world to see what can happen when free people are able to be free.

Note: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program. Other than that, neither the publisher, author nor anyone connected to them offered any influence on the content of my review. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.

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